Zooming in on the advantages of buying from the EUROPE'S Boutique


Boutique price in Europe are reasonable and price slighly lower.


It’s easier and quicker to get the latest bag designs


Oversea Boutique is many by quantity compared to Malaysia so the chances of you getting your dream bag are high.


Europe is most known as shopping heaven for shoppers. Most of the Limited Edition items can be found there 😉


Waiting is killing. We queue and hunt on behalf of you.

"I am interested! How it works, Nadia?"

Visit the officail website of your desired brand.

Take details like, sceenshot @ copy the link.

You can Whatsapp Nadia to get fast quotation. 011-27721568

For Nadia to reply your request. It takes at least 1 hour @ ASAP.

Once you agree with the given quotation, you can proceed with the payment.

Nadia will give you live update from boutique through Whatsapp. Stay tuned 😉

“What We Receive Is What You Get” Everything we received during the purchasing, we will handed to you.

Don’t worry! We do provide refund in case that we can’t help find your desired @ paid items. Read F.A.Q for more info.

Kindly choose which method of shipping you prefer. Courier (with certain company) or delivery to your door. As low RM30.

Some of Boutique Collection

Stay Tuned!

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